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When Academy Award winner Roberto Benigni expressed an interest in coming to London in 2009 to perform his first ever live show in the UK, our aim was to capture the imagination of the Capital’s audience for his part-improvised, part-based on Dante’s Fifth Inferno Canto highly original live performance.

We met the first challenge by choosing the Theatre Royal Drury Lane as the perfect venue for this show.

We then concentrated on reviving the interest of the British audience for this unique artist and his erudite, yet accessible act.

We achieved this by highlighting in our press release the parallels between Shakespeare’s position in British popular culture and that of Dante’s in the Italian and getting Roberto to appear as a special guest on such programmes as BBC Radio 3 Nightwaves, BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, Robert Frost's Over the World and the Graham Norton Show.

Roberto’s show was a technical sold out and his first ever performed in English.

For gallery and press reviews click here.

Our expertise in the field of focusing media and audience attention in the most effective way has been widely noticed at the biggest arts festival in the world, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and our winning strategies, from the devising of the graphics to the writing of eye-catching copy, has been acknowledged and copied, the sincerest form of flattery. Click here for our 2010 and 2011 success stories, their inception and development.

Through our personal contacts, we were trusted with the private Riello Collection of photographs by the world-renowned photographer Luigi Ghirri, who sadly died in 1992.

We then curated and organized the first ever Ghirri exhibition in the UK at the I.C.I. in London in 1999 and, due to its phenomenal success that unified critics and public, we took it to the Edinburgh College of Art.

The exhibition, named by us “The Outline of Clouds…#65533;, received full or multi-page reviews in The Independent, The Architects Journal and a glowing monographic feature on BBC Radio 4. Clippings here.

We were trusted with the complete branding overhaul of Assitalia UK as well as the management of its corporate sponsorship budget.

We met the brief by re-writing all its literature, devising and implementing a new unifying graphic solution across the board, B2B and B2C, designing its website, leaflets, brochure and trade fair stands.

We also wrote all the the press releases aimed at the City Media, organized networking events for the trade and public and decided which events to sponsor, taking over their publicity and PR in order to maximise the impact of our Client’s investment.

During our contract, which only came to an end due to a take-over, the annual revenue increased by 40% and the Company opened a second branch in Birmingham.

Click here for examples of the before and after.

The Italian Cultural Institute in London, for decades a landmark in the cultural lives of Italians living in London, suffered from a lack of “brand recognition…#65533; amongst a younger, British audience.

We were hired to raise its profile amongst, in particular, the 18/45 British demographics and a great deal of the success we achieved was through the publicity campaign we devised, designed and implemented on the Saturday Guide of The Guardian Newspaper, entitled “How To Be Italian…#65533;.

Its resounding success brought an increase in membership numbers by 42% in 13 months.

For the same period we also took over the Institute’s PR activities and organised sold out events, such as the Zecchino d’Oro afternoon and the famous and controversial Italian writer Roberto Saviano in conversation with John Dickie.

To view examples of our campaign click here.

case study 1
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case study fringe case study ghirri case study assitalia case study ICI